The Importance of Heating and Cooling in Melbourne

Crowded House once famously sang about four seasons in one day. Never was that more relevant to a city than Melbourne, Victoria.

Melbourne is famous for its moody weather patterns. One morning you may wake up, pour your coffee, and look outside to see darkened skies and pouring rain—only to be embracing the glorious sunshine that has appeared as if by magic as you head out of the office at 11am for the second coffee of the day.

Then the following day you could be waiting for the morning train, listening to the birds chirping in a still, cloudless day—to trying to stay warm in hellish winds as you make your way home later on.

Yes, Melbourne really can have four seasons in one day, and that’s why having adequate heating and cooling in the Victorian capital city is so vitally important.

So, what are your options to combat these drastic extremes of temperature? Well, we’re here to tell you about some of them.

If you find yourself one day at a family barbeque, with the eskis laden with cold beers and the cricket blaring away in the background, then chances are you could be in the midst of a Melbourne summer. Best to have some cooling options short of smearing that cold beer over your forehead.

There is always the standard, basic stuff. The basic fan is a staple of the Australian summer—if you haven’t been somewhere with the oscillating comfort of the ‘whoosh, whoosh’ going off around you, then you haven’t been in Australia for very long. A big step up from fans is the air conditioning unit, which can come in different forms like split cycle and ducted. Split cycle is the more common, ubiquitous cooling method you’ll find, but if you want the top notch method you’ll go for ducted.

Conversely, if you find yourself huddled up on the couch at night, wrapped in three dressing gowns and clutching a hot water bottle, you can be pretty safe in assuming you’re in the middle of an Aussie winter. Hey, at least it means the footy is on.

Heating options are also plentiful, from the classic and romantic wood fire, to little portable heaters not unlike the fans that are available for cooling. Again, the most common option here will be split cycle air conditioning, which is able to function either dispensing cold air or hot air.

But, whatever the season (and even if they all happen in one day), you’ve got plenty of options to keep the temperature comfortable in Australia.