This is the Brisbane hearing test

Katie had been making great leaps and bounds as a racing car driver, and she was ready to take her driving career up a few notches. She had heard about an event in Queensland called the Brisbane Steering Test, which she assumed was designed to refine your maneuvering ability in different types of conditions. She was so excited about it she didn’t even take any time to explore it any further. She would quickly find out that she should have.

She booked the first available flights she could find, and within a week she was on her way to Brisbane with big dreams in her sights.

She arrived around midday in Brisbane, and after a restful night’s sleep she booked a taxi bright and early for the racetrack. When she arrived there was a lot of activity happening all over the grounds. There were events for children, there were games happening, there was live music., and there was of course the cars flying around the track like there was no tomorrow.

She made her way to the designated meeting area, which was right near the pit crew. She met her testing officer and introduced herself. He seemed like a nice fellow, and not only was her excitement growing, but she also was feeling more and more relaxed—which was critical when driving.

Katie asked where she could get changed and the tester told her that what she was wearing was just fine. She thought that a little odd, but quickly forgot about it when he took her right up to one of the cars.

“Fire it up,” he announced to the person behind the wheel. A few seconds later and Katie’s ears were ringing, as the car’s engine was floored. The only other thing she noticed was the tester saying something to her.

“What did I say?” he asked, instructing the driver to cut the engine again.

“Excuse me?”

“You need to tell me what I just said under the duress of the loud engine. That’s how the Brisbane Hearing Test works.”

“Isn’t this the Brisbane Steering Test? I’m here to improve my driving skills for my racing career.”

“Then you’re in the wrong place I am afraid. This is the Brisbane Hearing Test .

When Katie returned home she found the fastest car she could and drove it as quickly as she ever had.